Charterweek Canary Islands 2018 - EIS Cup

Sail with us from/to Tenerife to the highlight El Hierro

powered by Lava Charter / sponsored ba EIS - European Insurance & Services


Here we are again! Charterweek Canary Islands goes into the 16th round and we made everything new! Beside a new cooperation partner and a new sponsor, our guests can also expect a completely new edition of the traditional event.

From 2018 the event will be organised exclusively in cooperation with the colleagues from Lava Charter. The charter company provides his young, very neat and technical flawless yachtcharter fleet. We have seen the yachts already and guarantee our guests a high standard in quality, equipment and technical yacht service.

Responsible for the personal security of the crews in 2018 is our new, also exclusive, main sponsor EIS - European Insurance and service. EIS will give not only optimum security on the sea with their insurance products, but is also the new name giver of the traditional regatta.


Yachtcharter Canary Islands / Charterweek Marina del Sur, Las Galletas

We are glad to welcome you again on the Canaries!

To celebrate this reunion properly with you, we invite all crews and guests on Saturday evening kindly to our Welcome-Party. In sociable round, with dinner and a glass of wine (or beer) you get to know not only the colleagues and the service team of Lava Charter, you will also meet  old and new friends!

Yachtcharter Canary Islands / Charterweek El Hierro, copyright:

After a detailed skipper's briefing with the weather forecast and the road coordination the first stage leads on Sunday to San Sebastian on the east coast of the island La Gomera. On Monday we will leave from here across La Palma to Puerto la Estaca on the island El Hierro where our flotilla will arrive late Tuesday evening.


As the island has never been on the routing in the past, a whole day on this island is compulsory. So every guest will have the possibility to explore this beautiful island. A suitable excursion will be organised from us, of course. The details follow separately.


Yachtcharter Canary Islands / Charterweek El Hierro, copyright:

On Thursday the flotilla sails back to La Gomera. The yachts are expected in the evening in the harbour of Valle Gran Rey on the west coast of the island. This spot will be the start point for the EIS-Cup on friday morning! On a distance of total 45 sea miles the yachts sail back directly to Marina del Sur. Here the finish times will be stopped in front of the entrance of the marina and the winner of the new EIS-Cup is determined. The time will be calculated after yardstick, so each of the participant yachts will be able to get the victory.


The event ends on the Friday evening with a big party and the award show in Las Galletas. All crews and guests are kindly invited to the party - beginning: 7PM!


The routing for Charterweek Canary Islands in 2018:
Day 1 Sunday: Las Galletas/Teneriffa - San Sebastian/La Gomera >> 25nm
Day 2 Monday: San Sebastian/La Gomera - Puerto la Estaca/El Hierro >> 45nm
Day 3 Tuesday: whole day on El Hierro
Day 4 Wedneday: free time for all boats
Day 5 Thurseday: at the evening: arrival at San Sebastian /La Gomera
Day 6 Friday: EIS-CUP / San Sebastian/La Gomera - Las Galletas/Teneriffa >> 25nm


*the shown prices includes a delivery security which is not payable if a charter is confirmed before and after the Charterweek! There is also the possibility to deliver the yachts from / to Lanzarote by your own! Please, ask us for more information if you should have interest in this additional offer.


Single Sailor - offer

price per bunk: 590 EUR / per person in a double bunk

price for one person in a double bunk: 1.180 EUR

additional 250 EUR / per person for crew expense

Please notice: a minimum of 4 persons (or 2 booked double bunks) are requested!


additional compulsory extras

Charterweek entrance fee: 150 EUR / per person

final cleaning: 100 EUR - 140 EUR / per yacht, depends on the modell


additinal optional extras

bed linen: 15 EUR / per person

towel set: 5 EUR / per person


Ithe price includes:

* participation at the Welcome- und Goodbye-Party, incl. the award ceremony

* flottila escort through Blu Charter and Lava Charter

* Skippers Briefing every morning with weather fortcast and route coordination

* program according to advertising

* program on the Islands and coordination

* participation at the EIS-Cup
* race-organization throug Blu Charter and Lava Charter and

* Crew T-Shirts



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